Blogapalooza Connected 2018

For its 8th year, Blogapalooza has yet again successfully staged a fun and excitement filled blogger-to-business event. And this year for me, is one of the best and most memorable to date, for some reasons.

Bloggers’ Reunion

This is actually my 5th Blogapalooza and every year, I have the opportunity to meet and connect to other bloggers and content creators in the country. In my 5 years of attending the annual event, I found new friendships and every year, Blogapalooza became our way to reunite and bond. I remember the night after the event, we were a group of 20 bloggers from different blogging groups in the country in one hotel room talking, laughing, and asking random questions. It was a simple yet memorable night. Thanks to Blogapalooza for making it happen.

New Friendships

Yes, Blogapalooza doesn’t only connect bloggers to businesses but bloggers to fellow bloggers as well. Each year, I meet new people and hear new stories that motivate me to strive further and be better in this industry. But this year is another story because I had a chance to meet more bloggers all over the country.

Topics and Speakers

To be honest, I don’t stay much on the discussions during Blogapalooza event and rather choose to stroll along the booths for networking or talk with fellow bloggers. But this year, I stayed majority of the day listening to the resource speakers and panel discussions. I believe I only missed one panel discussion because I am starving and needed to eat for lunch. I have three favorite topics on the Blogapalooza event this year. First is the panel discussion with the vloggers Jamill, Emman Nimedez, and Viy Cortez. Their panel discussion was very natural. They talked about how to grow your Youtube following, what content to be posted, and the struggles in creating content that viewers can appreciate.

I also enjoyed the talk of Nix Eniego of Social Media Academy. He is very kind to spill some tricks in growing our Instagram following.

But my favorite is the talk of Miko David of David & Golyat as he taught us the use and importance of the metrics in listening to the market, machine learning, and content planning to have successful digital campaigns.

Blogapalooza today has evolved from a blogger-to-business event to a get together of the Philippine blogging community. It is just not a blogging event but a family that is growing and going stronger year by year.

Congratulations to the Blogafam headed by our Blogamomma Ace Gapuz, for another successful Blogapalooza and thank you for doing all of this for the Philippine blogging community. More power to Blogapalooza and let us start to #ELEVATEINFLUENCE!

Weekend Staycation at Nobu Hotel - City of Dreams Manila

A stay at Nobu Hotel - City of Dreams is surely one of a kind experience. This isn’t my first time to stay at the hotel and as always, it never disappoints. 

The hotel staff is always accommodating and courteous to guests. They greet you with smiles and will even treat you like royalty. They are attentive to requests and they also deliver fast.

Nobu Hotel is very different with other hotels in the metro. Its zen-like atmosphere makes it stand out. The ambiance is so relaxing which other hotels may lack in providing a welcoming place to stay. The calm vibe of the hotel makes you forget that you are in the city. It’s actually escaping the city without leaving it.

The rooms are elegant with their minimalist and modern interiors. Of course, how will I forget the very comfy bed? It’ll make you stay longer and spend the rest of the day just lying around while watching Netflix or stream online using the hotel’s fast Internet connection.

Photo by Nicole San Miguel

Photo by Nicole San Miguel

Nobu hotel has 4 types of rooms - Nobu Deluxe, Nobu Premier, Nobu Executive, and the Nobu Suite. We had the Nobu deluxe room with two queen-sized beds. Unfortunately we stayed on the other side of the hotel with the airport view. Friendly suggestion though, by all means, book a room facing the pool and the garden on the highest floor possible. The uplifting view is picturesque and will literally leave you feeling high for days. You will definitely have an additional Instagram worthy queue.

Food is one of the things to consider in choosing a place to stay and Nobu Hotel’s restaurant will not disappoint you. It impresses with their uniquely different yet incredibly delicious offerings. The breakfast buffet is indeed salivating. For sure, it will be a cheat day every day during your stay at the hotel. 

And just like the entire hotel, Nobu Restaurant also brings an air of comfort and relaxation that guests truly appreciate. The entire dining area is pleasantly spacious and boasts of beautiful floral print seats, wooden accents, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ample natural lighting.
Nobu Restaurant is actually one of the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurant, known for its innovative new-style cuisine and unique modern Japanese dishes fused with Peruvian influences. 

Of course, there are other things to rave about. They have fully equipped fitness center, spa, pool, shopping center, and of course, the casino.

Garage VR and Food Park

Last October 14, City of Dreams opened its new attraction. The Garage VR and Food Park. The Garage is a VR Zone and food park that enables guests to delve into the immersive experience of virtual reality entertainment and delight in a wide range of casual dining choices from the carefully curated selection of food and beverage trucks and trailers set in a comfortable, air-conditioned space.

City of Dreams Manila

Located in a 6.2-hectare site along Aseana Avenue, corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Paranaque, COD brings together a diverse collection of contemporary lifestyle and leisure brands including Crown, Nobu, Hyatt, Dreamworks and the Pangaea Group.

It combines world-class entertainment, an array of accommodation, and regional and international culinary offerings, together with a spacious and contemporary casino.

It has 289 gaming tables, 1,620 slot machines and 176 electronic table games. A feature of the casino resort is the dome-like structure called Fortune Egg which houses Pangaea. City of Dreams also contains shopping center called The Shops at The Boulevard. A theme park is also located within the property called DreamPlay built in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation.

Nobu Hotel Manila is a perfect place for a staycation and a relaxing weekend getaway!

Location: City of Dreams Manila Aseana Blvd cor. Macapagal Ave, ParaƱaque, Metro ManilaCity of Dreams Manila
Tel No.: (02) 800-8080
Official Website:
Facebook Page:

We are all stars lost in unknown spaces - Jerico Cayl

As the author of the "A Celestial Enigma" finished crafting his first-ever poetry book about how love was so complicated, he wants you to be one with the universal struggle of lovers when it comes to the most mysterious feeling of life-- LOVE. 

Jerico Cayl, the author, created this book for people who feels that love is deceiving yet the most beautiful nightmare one could have.

Also, he hopes that this book could inspire everyone, even though the book mostly talks about the pain and the depressive side of love and of our existence; but after all, he wishes that this book can make you feel that we never stopped loving and we should never stop loving even though we now became strangers in our own favorite spaces. 

"Love will always become A CELESTIAL ENIGMA. We are all unfixable, but we are golden," said the author. 

Contact details: 
09568800062/ 09194590188
IG and Messenger: @apollo7121
Twitter: @justJCO

The Itchyworms Return to Singapore to Scratch an Itch

It  has  been  almost  a  decade  since  The  Itchyworms  performed  in  the  city-state  of Singapore. The  now-iconic  Marina Bay Sands was still under construction, for one, and Universal Studios was probably still in blueprints.

The last time the band was there in 2008, they performed in a double bill with Marcus Adoro. First, to serve as his backup band, playing songs from his seminal solo album, Markus Highway, and  second,  to  play  their  own  songs.  The  night  ended  in  an  epic  extended  jam  on  old Eraserheads songs.

The  years  have  only  made  the  band’s  wanderlust  —  itch,  to  borrow  from  their  name  —  for Singapura that much more insistent. The hunger for the hawker holy grail that is authentic laksa is quite real, and so is the thirst for performing in front of new audiences, such as Singapore’s music-loving folk, whether expats or locals.

Now,  the  band  will  finally  get  to  scratch  their decade-old itch for Singapore! The Itchyworms have partnered with the awesome people of Pinoy-powered events group Requiem Rising SG, to  bring  you  an  extraordinary  one-night  only  musical  experience.  On  03  November,  all paths lead to Hero’s Bar. Whether your hankering is for food, drink, or really good music, it’s sure to be satisfied.

Presenters        The Itchyworms and Requiem Rising SG
When               03 November 2018
Where              Hero’s Bar, 69 Circular Road (Boat Quay Area)
Time                 Doors open at 6PM
Front Acts        Pinoy Indie groups Samzara and Liger will open for The Itchyworms

VIP                   SGD 50 (Reserved seating. With meet and greets after soundcheck and performance)
Regular             SGD 30

Reservations and Inquiries
SMS                 +65 8468-7155 or +65 9836-7120.

Bandwagon PH
Manila Concert Junkies Filipinos in Singapore Pinoy Shows in Singapore

All dates, times, and venues are correct at the time of publication, and may change at the discretion of the organizers without prior notice


3 Foods That Cause Weight Gain

We often think that eating healthy food is enough—therefore we expect a tremendous result for our weight loss. However, there are healthy foods that when eaten in huge amounts will only cause weight gain. Here’s the top 3 list of foods to eat in moderation when you are on a weight loss program. 

Treated like a King: My Novotel Experience

novotel manila araneta center
Photographed by John Louie Dela Vega

There are four things I love about Novotel Manila Araneta Center: The accommodating and friendly staff, the posh interior, the very comfy room, and the sumptuous breakfast buffet.

Upon entering the hotel, I was welcomed by the hotel staff bearing the sweetest smile. It was like the typical way Filipinos welcome their guests. The personnel were accommodating. I had to reach out to them several times for some concerns and they gladly assisted me without hesitation. They gave me immediate attention and acted on my requests without me having to say it a second time. Whenever they felt that I needed something, they would gladly approach me and ask me if I needed anything. Their customers indeed are treated like a royalties—well served and pampered. Who wouldn’t love to be treated like a king?

Lazada launches 11.11 with more than 1M deals!

Top brands and amazing deals for your Christmas shopping

The biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia kicks off on November 11, 2016 with the participation of more than 12,500 local and international brands and 6,000 merchants. This month-long shopping event is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its launch in 2012.

This year’s theme is ‘Brands for All,’ putting customers’ favorite brands in the spotlight. Customers can expect jaw-dropping, well-curated offers, and exclusive launches of branded items.

These deals come on top of the wide and growing assortment on Lazada. To date, Lazada boasts an unmatched catalog of close to 30 million products for consumers across six Southeast Asian countries. In the Philippines, the assortment grew 4x more than in 2015.

Blogapalooza LVL 2.0: The domination begins

It was a fun- and excitement-filled Blogapalooza, as famous brands were present to connect with bloggers—the primary goal of the yearly event. This year’s Blogapalooza, though, is different from the previous ones, as it made history in the Philippine blogosphere.

Waxing Facts that will make you throw your Razor out

We live in a world where being hairless other than the ones on our head is beautiful. Society has given much ado on being hairless from nose down and being seen with a body full of hair gives the impression as unhygienic.

Gear up for School with CD-R King

Students are thrilled to go back to school especially with new stuff to add to their gear. Our children are so keen in keeping up with the Joneses and having the latest gadget gives them the drive to look forward to the school year 2016-2017

They anticipate to parade on the catwalks of their beloved school sporting the latest trend to match their new uniforms, shoes, bags, notebooks, etc.

Most of all its Parent’s funding season, the pinnacle of all. Allowance so to speak, where kids learn their first haggling in the world of finance.

Revisiting the Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands will always be one of my favorite destinations in Pangasinan. And I believe a lot of us have this same sentiment. Who won’t fall in love with this majestic gift of nature? With more than a hundred of islands with various shapes and sizes that offer different natural beauty, you'll definitely come back for sure.

It’s been a couple of years since I last visited Hundred Islands, and I was surprised with the improvement that was made. Lots of new activities and attractions were added to immerse the tourists to fun and thrilling adventures. Before, you can only go swimming and island hopping, but gone are those times. Hundred Islands is one place to come back to not only for relaxation but for recreational activities as well.

Safety Measures in owning an iRover

With great power comes with great responsibility – Ben Parker

 CD-R King Your one stop shop gives you an insightful iRover safety usage.

The stylish and frolicsome appeal of iRover maybe mistaken as a toy. It is apparent to many that your futuristic iRover/hoverboard is fun to play with, but it is far from being a toy.