Capitol Tour with Superfriends

After every session in Pangasinan ICT congress my friends make it a habit to go to the capitol to have Picure trippings, on  first day of
our photo op at the capitol, we find out that the government building is already closed so we decided to take pictures outside but the promised to be back to take picures inside the capitol that happens on the 2nd day. At first we only planned to take pictures at the lobby of the building until pelidda ask me to take her photo at the stairs and then all of them follow until we dont notice that we're already on the 2nd floor. We are all laughing ana noisy that time when a security ask us where are we going then Kuya Robert said taht will go to the the rooftop!!!!!!actually im surprised when i heared that from him.So we've got that there and boom!!!!WOW!!!that's the only word i hear from my friends and I even saw Pelidda in a jaw dropping moment... jeje... we all see the whole view of the Lingayen gulf!!!and i even noticed a lighthouse at the

left side of the gulf but unforetunately i forgot to take pictures of it, maybe because of the excitement....we stayed at the top for almost
10 minutes until we decided to go but it doesn't stop there, As usual Humirit nanaman cla GERALD, PELIDDA, MARICRIS, and JESSIELYN ng picture picture..jejeje..
so we take pictures again at different parts of the building an we dont stop until nagutom na kmi!!We decided to take our lunch and leave the Capitol smiling.
hope that it will happen again.....tnx

1st day of photo op @ the Capitol!!!!!!!!
it's already 5:30 pm that time, capitol is already closed so we decided to take pictures outside the building...

Capitol Lobby!!

Pangasinan Official Seal @ the center of Capitol's Lobby..

On the way to 2nd floor!!!!!

Jessielyn and Pelidda next Ms. Philippines????

Stairs to the rooftop!!!

WOW!!!here's the view from the rooftop!!!!!!!
unfortunately we only took few pictures ...........

Some pictures Below...