Facebook Timeline Launched

Facebook timeline is now launched in New Zealand with almost 2 million Facebook user’s, New Zealand is currently the only country to get timeline. Other countries will get this feature soon.

Timeline is like a diary online, it tells the story of the user from birth up to the present. It showcases consecutive history of user’s experiences and cherished moments  gathering pictures, videos, significant status updates and event “likes” that have been uploaded to Facebook.

The Timeline has 3 parts the Cover – an open space at the top where you can put picture that represent the user , this is the first thing people could see upon visiting  your Timeline. The Stories where user can update post, view recent activities, and share stories upon birth up to the present. Lastly, the Apps section where applications seen, this includes songs you liked and activities you loved.

“Starting today, we are making Timeline more widely available as we measure speed and other types of performance,” said Facebook Project manager Samuel Lessin in a December 6 update on the Tell Your Story with Timeline blog post.
“We'll begin by making it available to people in New Zealand and then roll it out more broadly in the near future.”

New Zealand-based Facebook users will be given the opportunity to fill out and modify their Timeline during a seven-day period
before making it available to their friends to view.

More than one million developers (or people who were willing to pose as developers to try out the new feature) have already
started creating their own Facebook Timeline on the site by signing up for the developer beta, said Facebook. 

Here are videos Introducing Facebook Timeline: