Internet advantage/disadvantage

Internet is a very big help for everyone, students lessen their load in creating assignments and research through the use of internet, instead of going to library and browse a lot of books which is very time spending.Businesses can advertise their products cheaper than in TV, Radio, and Newspapers.OFW's can have enough communication to their love ones to ease homesickness through different social networking sites.

Despite of this benefits we are getting from internet they're also a lot of disadvantage in using it, students become lazy they only get information for their assignments and research without reading and understanding it and almost all the time students do plagiarize others work. Online games,
 students spend their time gaming in a such that they cut their classes  for playing online, pornography is also there, porn sites are all over the internet and everyone can browse it regardless of age.Overuse of social networking sites, we invite a lot of people to be our friend even without knowing them as result we are victimized by different crimes happening in the internet.

If they will ask you what is the reason why students have failing grades, if why are you victimized by internet scams or your raped because your classmate watch porn online .Probably yo will answer its because of INTERNET!.But in my perspective it should be blamed to ourselves!!we should not overuse this technology and importantly we should have SELF-DISCIPLINE ,you will not fail your subjects if you don't cut your classes, you will not be scammed because your clicking everything and inviting anyone to your accounts.We should be aware of what  are we doing and whatever we do we should face it's consequences without blaming anyone or anything.

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