Digital Marketing, a new trend.

Nowadays, Internet is the most used communication channel worldwide. In Facebook alone almost 1 billion users are visiting the site to communicate and socialize with friends, family, colleagues and etc. Aside from Facebook other sites like twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube, google, blogger and more, also have great influence in cyberspace as they have huge amount of subscribers and visitors.

Due to the widespread use of internet worldwide, businesses shifted their campaigns and advertisement from traditional means to Digital Marketing. A great proof of this shifting is the  creation  of Company Websites in order to reach limitless mileage and promote their products and services to the cyberworld.

Social Media is another trend in promoting what can the company could offer. Almost all business establishments today create their facebook and google+ pages, twitter,pinterest,linkedin account and even a youtube channel to update their patrons on their latest products and services.

SEO is also part of Digital Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - a strategy of improving your site or pages rank  to land the top spot on different search engine. SEO is very important because competition online is very tight considering thousands of websites, blogs and pages are there grasping to get the top spot or at least on the first page on different search engine. Landing the first page means great possibility of visiting the website.

How Digital marketing works is now proven as more businesses is now shifting from traditional to digital. Businesses is now heard and reached out by more customers in this type of strategies.


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