Using Internet to win the 2013 elections.

2013 is fast approaching; Filipinos will again elect their leaders that will serve the country for the next three years. From Senators down to Municipal Officers, these are the positions to be strived by political personalities for their desired positions in public service.

As we know internet is now the most used media worldwide, billions of people uses it for different reasons, they socialize, blog, shop, research and some PROMOTES. A lot of personalities in different fields uses internet to advertise their business, brands and etc. because of the great influence of this media to the people.

In terms of reach, cost, permanence and accessibility internet is far away from other traditional media like television and radio. In using the internet, limitless people can view campaigns as it is connected to different people all over the globe. Permanence and accessibility is another advantage of internet because any uploaded promotional materials will be continually viewed online anytime and anywhere. Despite of these great benefits, using internet is still the cheapest way to advertise online as most of the social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter are free. This is a big different to traditional media as they only offer a certain period of time and limited market in very costly price.

If you want to get more strategies in using the internet for sure win in 2013 elections, 1digitech Philippines Inc. organized a 2 day seminar workshop entitled “UTILIZING THE INTERNET TO WIN 2013 ELECTIONS” where top social media and digital managers will share their knowledge in promotions and marketing using internet specifically social media. This event will be Held at Pines City Hotel, Baguio City. Avail the early bird package by securing a slot. For more inquires visit or contact Reginald Agsalon @ /



  1. Politicians will use all ways to win.

  2. Would you know what percentage of the Filipino electorate have internet access?

  3. Social media is now such a strong influence as aside from votes, they can also generate more awareness.

  4. I agree to the first commenter :)

    The only thing is. we only have to be a responsible netizens for us to have a very responsible leader/s.

  5. Any means, any way, they will use it for their own good.

  6. Hope they use it right... esp in voting...:D