A Powerhouse roster of speaker on a must attend seminar

UTILIZING THE INTERNET TO WIN THE 2013 ELECTIONS –  a seminar workshop that will happen on the 20th to 21st day of September, 2012 at the Pines View Hotel Baguio City. The said seminar will showcase the power of internet and how it will be utilized to help politicians in winning the upcoming elections.

One of the reason on attending this seminar and workshop is the line-up of speakers. This powerhouse group will share their knowledge, experiences as well as techniques and strategies in utilizing the internet. This group includes #hash tag heroes, a SCRUM Master, digital strategist and a blogger which is trusted and experienced in their different expertise.

 Rosario    Juan 
“Hashtag Hero” as published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer    
Social Media strategist
TOPIC: Generation Digital: Your Voters are Online --- Are you?

Tonyo    Cruz 
”Hashtag Hero” by Philippine Daily Inquirer     
Social Media Strategist/ Blogger 
TOPIC: Social Media: The New Shiny, Powerful and Effective Machinery     
Demystifying the Role of Social Media in Political Campaigns and Using it to your Advantage 

Janette Toral
Certified SCRUM Master
2008 DTI/CITEM   E-­‐Services Philippines E-­‐Champion Awardee for Policy Development 
Blogger/ Author/Columnist

TOPIC: Raise  Awareness, Get Volunteers and Funds Online    
Utilize the power of the Internet to make substantial connections, develop and convert fans   into brand ambassadors, spokespersons, volunteer campaign staff  and fundraisers, too 

Vanj  Padilla 
Chief  Digital  Strategist,  1 Digitech Philippines Inc.

TOPIC: Online Reputation Management: Why You Need it Badly, 25/8 
Why you must value you online image like you do offline. The internet is a different     battleground; you must be prepared, very prepared. 
Grow Your Online Community Before Someone Else Does    
Do you have an online community? Is it what you wanted it to be?  Act now, before it’s too   late 

JR  Padilla 
Operations  Manager,  Pangalatalk  News  Portal 
Creative  Director,  1Digitech Philippines,  Inc. 

WORKSHOP: How  To  Create  Your  Own  Social  Media  Command  Center 
If the elections are held in Facebook, Twitter  and Youtube, will you win? Learn from   the    Pioneers     of      creating   a       Social   Media     Command     Center     in     the     Philippines     and      why     you      should     do     it.  

  photos courtesy of  www.facebook.com/1digitechph

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