Meta tags

What are Meta tags?

Meta tags are HTML tags that contain information about your webpage such as website or blog name, owner, description and keywords that represent your site.  This tags tell or provide search engines keyword information.

Why should use meta tags?

The reason to use this tag is to provide description of your site for the search engines that may contribute in gaining high rank for your site if used properly.

Where to put this tags?

Meta tags are placed inside the < head>……</head> here’s a sample.

<meta name="description" content="a tech blog.">
<meta name="keywords" content="technology social media blogging blog ">

How to put this Meta tag?
1.     Create a back up of your site first, if ever something wrong you can replace the code  with your back up
2.     Use Meta Tag generator to be accurate and ensure that it works.

3.     Fill up required field such as Site url, name and description then click CREATE META TAGS
4.     Copy the tags  and paste it inside the head tag. <head> </head>
5.     Check your webpage  if it work properly on this site


  1. I should investigate more on how to use this. Thanks for the info.

  2. wow! very helpful. I've got interested to use this ty

  3. I've been very meticulous about my meta tags too. People should know that it helps :)

  4. I really didn't know that meta tags were that helpful. Will start to integrate meta tags on my blog. Thank you for this one.

  5. I integrate meta tags on my site via a plugin since I use WordPress. This would be helpful to platforms without ready to use solutions.

  6. simple and good steps to follow. once we add the meta tags the blog will get ranking.
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