Ways to earn online

At first, we surf the net to do a research, socialize with friends, upload and download videos, pictures, gaming an a lot more but now Internet doesn’t  give us only the fun and entertainment that we got on our online activities, monetizing is now a choice in visiting the cyber world.

This time, a lot of websites are offering services and strategies on earning money online. Here are some of those.

Churp Churp. This social sharing site allows its users to like and share advertisements, promos, websites and pages on different networking sites, in exchange they will be paid per unique click or like. The payment on this scheme depends on the fund of the company, usually  a single click or like will cost 6 to 24 pesos.

Blogger and Wordpress. Blogging is another way to earn money online you only need to do is blog. After creating a blog you can apply to different ad placing sites like google adsense and nuffnang where they placed advertisement to your blog and earn if someone clicked it.

Freelancer and Odesk. This site is an outsourcing websites which you can apply for online jobs. Anyone is welcome to join this site and bid for contracts. The difference between this two site is You need to pass certain exams on Odesk while  freelancer organized competitions online such as logo and header making,  writing and more.

Facebook. Yes you can earn a lot using facebook. Vend Online!!Many netizens used facebook to sell products. Clothes, shoes, cakes  etc. are now available because you can really reach more customers online. Imagine almost a billion of users!! Actually one friend of mine vend accessories and clothes online and earn like a regular retailer on the mall.

This websites is only some of many more sites offering money making schemes all you need is to expole the net and discover new  ways to earn online. But beware of scams.

What are you waiting for try all of these now and earn while having fun!!!


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