Globe gives you the freedom to create.

Globe unveiled new groundbreaking innovation in prepaid industry. The Go SAKTO promo wherein globe
gives its consumers to create their own promo that suits their needs.

Globe users can now create their promo that’s suited to their needs, budget and preference. Even
your “butals” could be registered on your customized sakto promo. GO Sakto doesn’t limit your promo
customization on just choosing your call, text or surfing package but even the validity of your promo can
be modified.

But wait it doesn’t stop there, you can also name your modified promo and share it on your facebook .
Some of our facebook friends might also suit our promo.

Globe really proves that they are the best telecommunication company in the country. With this new
innovation it is sure that many subscribers will swap to globe. Indeed, you will be SMARTER at GLOBE!

to register online go or dial *143# for mobile handset

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