GOsakto:Saktong Sakto!

After the success of GOsakto which gives globe prepaid subscribers the power to choose and create their own promo, Globe is again giving its subscribers a reason to enjoy without spending much as they add unli calls to globe GOsakto promo.

Actually I'm now enjoying this update to globe's GOsakto. I'm now using 1000 text all net and unlicall to globe and TM for only 25 pesos in 1 day.

To register just dial *143#

1. Choose 1 for GOsakto

2. Choose 1 to Create a promo

3. Choose 4 for Call and Text

4. Choose 1 for calls to Globe/TM

5. Choose 5 for unlimited call

6. Choose 2 for all net text

7. Choose 4 for 1000 text

8. Choose 4 for 1day validity

9. And finally choose 1 to register

* if you want to name your promo just choose 2.

Everybody is now using GOsakto, so what are you waiting for?! Enjoy your power to choose and create the promo that suit your needs while saving a lot at Globe's GOsakto.

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