RealStew: A one stop communication tool

Blogging is all about communicating. Building and sustaining communication with your readers is a must. It is not only by providing worthy content but by also socialising and eventually they can be your friends. When constant communication between the blogger and the reader is sustained then you experience the exchange of knowledge and new ideas that comes along with it.

Today, a blogger needs a lot of accounts on social media networks, online forums, discovery engines or even multi-platform communication tools to stay connected with a reader, which is a hassle and time-consuming. 

Aside from those, you also need to have separate account to monetize your blog like online money transfer, blog advertising communities and more.

 But, there is a new online platform that will solve remove the hassles and challenges bloggers usually encounter today.

 RealStew dubbed as “your global communication center” offers a new platform where people or an organization can manage their financials, knowledge and communication in just one site.

 Yes! You heard it right RealStew puts everything you need in just one website. It is like Google who has different tools wherein if you logged in on one, you can access others without logging in again. But, what makes RealStew different from Google is that there are apps that don’t have a counterpart, say RealDate. Also, popular social media sites are incorporated on the website.

 Since I’m a blogger, RealBlog caught my eye. What makes me more excited with this new platform is the way it will make a blogger’s life easier, especially when promoting your blog, an article and also in monetizing aspects.

As you navigate the site you will see Quick Chat and MultiChat where you can easily communicate to your readers on your recent articles and exchange ideas and get feedback from them. Also, you don’t need to sign in to another account to join forums because RealStew has a User Group tool.

 Another one-of-a-kind feature of RealBlog is that you can actually see who among your readers are online. You can easily inform them if there are updates on your blog.

 There are is a monetizing tool that won’t make you go to another site. You really don’t need to open a new tab or window on your browser because in RealStew, everything you need is there.

You can visit my RealStew Profile Page and navigate the website to experience it yourself and see how it works and how cool it is. But don't forget to click on my "Contact Me " button Badge so that you will be linked to my contact book.

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