The Googley GBG Pangasinan Inaugural Meetup

 This December another Google Business Group Chapter has been inaugurated, GBG Pangasinan, the newest Google Business Group Chapter in the country has been inaugurated Last Dec. 14, at the Hundred Islands National Park  Alaminos, Pangasinan. 40 businessmen, tech enthusiasts, students and Local Gov’t employees join the googley Island Hopping/Island Mapping/Inaugural Meetup of GBG Pangasinan.

As the goal of Google Business Group to share Google Web Technologies to achieve business success, GBG Dagupan Community Manger, Jr Padilla, shares the importance of Google Maps in Businesses while GBG Pangasinan Co-managers, Reginald Agsalon and Ej Dangla both from TalkTV Global shares about Google Drive and Google Plus respectively. Also, GBG Pangasinan Community Manager, Vanj Padilla welcomed attendees and share what GBG Panagsinan is, and How could help in achieving business goals.

Fun! Googley! This is the best way to describe the GBG Pangasinan Meetup, attendees go Island Hopping while mapping islands of the national park. The whole team started the island hopping by visiting the Quezon where they deck for lunch then  they had stop over other islands Cuenco Cave Island, Marcos Island and Childrens Island to name a few.   The Last Stop is at the governor’s island where the sharing is conducted. 

It was indeed an extraordinary Meet Up because it’s not the usual venue for this kind of event which is usually held at hotels or convention halls instead it is on an Island where you can feel the cool breeze of the sea and invigorating fresh air. Some of the attendees describe the event as Survivor GBG Pangasinan Edition not only because the venue is similar to the show’s setting and also the adventure while riding on a boat with the waves of the sea and visiting the Islands and mapping it.

Surely, more extraordinary meet-up will be organized by GBG Pangasinan and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to this.

Here's a feature of GBG Pangasinan at TalkTV Global:

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