Easy Texting with Dextr

In this raging era of mobile technology, all things are being extremely simplified. The massive and complex computer technology has been brilliantly reduced to what we call now a smartphone – a palm-size gadget that works wonders.

With the fast emergence of smartphones all over the globe, the revolutionary touchscreen technology has indeed helped smartphone users fulfil daily tasks right at the palm of their hands.

In its successful years, however, it seems that one crucial factor in the mobile technology has been greatly overlooked – the QWERTY keyboard. As a result, the smartphone was not so smart after all as it caused typographical errors and autocorrect failures inconvenient to most mobile users.

From its first introduction in the form of typewriters, the QWERTY keyboard has been used, and has confused people, for more than a century. Brisbane-based interface designer John Lambie seen this impediment rather as a challenge. His solution is as basic as ABC. His solution is ABC.

Then came Dextr, a touchscreen keyboard that follows the format of the roman alphabetical order we know as ABC. Seeing the universal problem of the usability of the QWERTY keyboard, Appalladium – John Lambie’s mobile app tech business founded 2011 – designed a simpler, smarter, and a faster way to efficiently use the keyboard to its fullest potential.

Easy as ABC
Serving as Dextr’s official tagline, the ABC we all know by heart structured the backbone of the Dextr keyboard. With all keys arranged alphabetically, Dextr has aligned all vowels vertically and has even highlighted them for prominence.

Dextr also boasts of a wide array of layouts to suit your style and your gadget. It has two layouts, adapting to which fingers you use for texting. If you’re a one-finger texter, the 6x5 letter grid of the Fingerz layout will help you type effortlessly even with just one finger in use!

If you’re more efficient in typing by using both of your thumbs in texting, the Thumbz layout will surely work for you. Still arranged alphabetically, the keyboard in this layout is split into two with curved grids to match your thumb’s rapid movement.

The Dextr keyboard also features two specialized modes that will suit whichever hand you favour in texting. For right-handed people, the keyboard matches your dexterity by aligning the vowels vertically and placing them to the area right under your right index finger.

For left-handed texters, the Dextr keyboard is simply the mirrored image of the right-handed mode, with the vertically aligned vowelsdirectly under your left index finger.

Intelligently designed
Dextr is also created to adapt to multiple language dictionaries. Although it uses the Roman (or Latin) as its default alphabet, Dextr has installed 12 languages which are already available to all users. It includes: English (US & UK), Spanish (both LA and ES), Portuguese (both PT and BR), Bahasa Indonesia & Melayu, Filipino (Tagalog), Tieng Viet, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Polish, and Hausa.

With its dream to abridge digital divide by extending access to all, Dextr will soon include Swahili, Hinglish, Benglish, and Chinese (Pinyin) to its growing roster of language dictionaries.

Dextr is even more intelligent with its advanced word suggestion function where you can add new words to your personal dictionary and detects common phrases and word orders (Word completion and word correction + auto correction) and suggests the next word even before you’ve finished typing it (Next word prediction).

As you use it more often, the Dextr keyboard learns your common words & phrases, improving its word prediction into an advanced level.

Effortlessly Faster
Unlike the usual smartphone keyboard with compact and narrow letter keys, the Dextr keyboard has finger-friendly keys which were measured to help you type with ease and speed. The letter keys are specially designed to match our fingertip’s size and shape, and has provided a finger-width space between letter keys.

The Dextr Difference
These optimisations have even helped larger, and special sectors in the societies that takes typing a great challenge. To kids, the alphabetical arrangement is a head start to a simple and efficient learning and memory.

With a special mode for left-handers, Dextr has addressed the need of the 15% of left-handed people –which is over a billion of us – in the planet to effectively use the smartphone and type with greater ease and confidence.

The Dextr keyboard and its various layouts and modes also helps smartphone users with disability. With millions of us having varying levels of impairments, the optimisations of the Dextr keyboard alleviates their typing anxieties. Now that’s Dextr difference!

Intended to make our lives easier and more productive, smartphones are now even better with the Dextr keyboard technology that is simple, smarter, and faster. Dextr is free and available for download in Google Play. Who says texting can’t be as easy as ABC?


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  1. Nice post :-) I think it's about time that people should know about Dextr. I've been using it for a while and I can attest to it's reliability unlike QWERTY. I've been a heavy-PC user and yet I get confused when typing with QWERTY on my mobile device. I switched to Dextr and I've been a faster texter. The buttons are easier to spot, Its functions keys are very effective and it makes me type lesser because of the predictions. Everybody should try it!!