Pugo! the Pinoy Flappy Bird, #1 on Top Charts

Photo Courtesy of Rappler.com
Talk about Pinoy pride, the Flappy Bird-inspired Pugo! ranked first in App Store’s Top Charts for free games. It has only been released less than a week ago, and positive reviews have already been flooding its page.

UpdateAccording to co-creator Camy Cabral, Pugo! will be available for Android devices in two weeks as they are still currently working to fix the game’s laggy movement.
Pugo! was created by Manila-based couple Patrick Cabral and Camy Cabral. They are designers and artists who tried their luck making their first game app. Luckily, it was received warmly by people.
Same mechanics as Flappy Bird apply to Pugo! — tapping the screen to make it fly and dodge obstacles. In this game, you are a small pink quail that avoids trees while roaming around the forest. There’s also a happy background music which makes everything light and jolly.
The couple added a new element to the game which I think (former) Flappy Bird players will love: Extra lives! Watch out for Philippine flags and collect them as they save your quail’s behind when it crashes.
Pugo! is now available for download in the App Store. We will try to get in touch with the creators and ask if the game will also come to Android devices.

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