GoPro Hero3+: Your All-Adventure Camera

Known to be the smallest and lightest camera, GoPro has been one of the most popular cameras today. With its capability to withstand extreme conditions, its great wide angle lens (unconditionally genius anytime) and other features geared for versatility and convenience, GoPro is a must bring device for travelers and adventure seekers like I am.

This year,GoPro has released their latest action camera –The Hero3+ which offers a better image and HD video quality, on smaller, sleeker, and lighter.

The GoPro Hero3+ has three editions–the white, silver, and black which comes with more accessories included in the package. These include a waterproofed housing that withstands 40m submergence, a 3-Way pivot arm, adhesive mounts useful on course activities, and a whole lot more.

GoPro Hero3+ has also a number of upgrades over its cheaper siblings. One brilliant addition is the WIFI remote control which lets you operate the camera in distances without touching its buttons.  It allows you to control 50 cameras simultaneously within a range of 600 feet. Plus, with the GoPro app installed, you can even set it to various modes. With a built-in WiFi hotspot or access point, you can connect your camera to an Android or iOS device. Sweet!

On top of that handy feature, the latest version of GoPro is screaming with an improved image quality. It has higher resolution of 12MP, a little higher thanthe Silver edition’s 11MP and White edition’s 5MP. When taking pictures on a fast moving setting, the Burst rate feature comes in very useful. The Black edition’s maximum burst rate is three times higher than that of the Silver edition’s 10fps which gives you a maximum of 30 consecutive frames per second. For those who don’t require quite so much speed, the Black Edition has 3fps, 5fps and 10fps continuous shooting rates.

Sound quality is as important as image quality. The Hero3+ Black edition features upgraded audio performance, capturing even the most delicate of sounds—whether you’re documenting voices, music or the splash of water on a spirited dive in the sea. 
Another feature of GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition is the time-lapse mode, where the camera can be set to shoot at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, and 60-second intervals. It all adds up to plenty of scope and flexibility.

Of course, the majority of people looking to purchase a Hero3 will probably be much more interested in its video capabilities than its still image prowess, and here again, the Black Edition enjoys a distinct advantage over its two supporting models. While the Silver and White editions support a maximum resolution of 1080p at 25fps, the Black Edition can capture 1080p Full HD video at 50, 48, or 25fps in PAL mode and 60, 48, and 30fps for NTSC capture. Furthermore, 720p recording can be captured at 100 to 50fps PAL or 120 - 60fps NTSC, which enables smooth slow-motion playback of high-def. movies.

So if you’re a person who travelsa lot and loves adventure, the GoPro Hero3+ must always be on your backpack. GoPro has already improved its battery life to last 30% longer.It will be your partner in capturing your meaningful experiences. Whether it’s surfing, sky diving, bungee jumping, biking, or racing, the GoPro has got you covered. You can bring it to places and occasions you’d normally think your usual cameras would not survive. 

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