Being a parent is a tough job and assuring a better future for their children is a priority. But in today’s world where everything is accessible thru the use of modern technology, parenting becomes tougher given that the Internet can now be easily accessed on smartphones and tablets; the possibility of reaching offensive contents heightens. Gone are the days when the only medium to explore the web is thru desktops and laptops where parents can easily monitor their kid’s activities.

In addition, smartphones which are now the most popular gadget in town, also, have applications in them that may influence your kids. Addicting games, sexually explicit apps, and unmonitored use of social media are some of the many frightening possibilities on using smartphones

But parents shouldn’t worry anymore as technology, which created these devices, also has a solution to this problem. Listed are the apps and gadgets that parents must use to monitor their kid’s activities on the Internet and their smartphone devices and even offline activities by using GPS trackers that trace your kid’s location.

Phone control. This app allows you to monitor every activity of your child’s phone. It will forward outgoing and incoming SMS messages, photo taken, contacts, phone calls and location of the device. And you can do this without even noticing by your child because it doesn’t have an icon seen on the phone. 

Norton online family. Allows you to monitor which sites your child has visited and automatically sends you an email when your child attempts to visit blocked sites. Also, it shows the apps downloaded on the phone and choose which apps they can use. Hone habits.

The app also has a 90-day history of your child’s phone activity allowing you to double-check your child’s 

Kids place. If you want to select what app your children can exactly use, this app is the best for you. Kids Place lets you customized the home screen feature of their phone that will feature child-friendly apps like puzzles and quizzes. This app also has a healthy feature because of its capability to disable the wireless networks that will avoid your child in radiation exposure. 

Canary. This is for parents who want to track their child’s phone activity while driving. Canary alerts parents with the details on calls, messages driving speeds and locations. It also sets a maximum driving speed and creates a perimeter map and alerts you when your child exceeded on the maximum speed or your child is outside the perimeter during curfew hours.

Canary is a Free app that can be downloaded on Appstore and Google Play; $14.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Footprints. By using this app, parents can monitor their child’s whereabouts in real time, anytime. Using GPS, this app helps parents to automatically locate their child’s location. If they’re travelling, you can confirm if they already arrived at a specific location. 

This app will surely help parents to monitor their kids while using their gadgets and internet, also, their activities thru this GPS tracking apps. Source: , (Reginald Agsalon)/Focus)

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