ADRIS, the latest development solution in disaster response

Each year continues the trend of increasing natural disasters around the globe. According to studies, the Philippines ranks as the third most disaster-prone country because of elevated exposure to calamities such as cyclones, flooding, and sea level rise.
These imminent occurrences can be predicted and monitored through modern technologies. But broadcasting of warning signals and cautionary instructions at appropriate time can be challenging.
Comm Asia Group, Inc., a conglomerate based in Pangasinan that offers digital services, aims to redefine the world of traditional alert system by developing an information structure.
ADRIS that stands for Automated Disaster Response Information System is a computer software that uses cellular data to notify and send out alerts (early warning, evacuation, and relief information) from the Office of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management to communities. It uses SMS because it is a relatively low-tech communication protocol, and is one of the first services to be restored after a network outage.
ADRIS can help save lives, protect livelihood, and strengthen recovery by delivering timely and targeted information to the population making response efforts more efficient. It also works remotely round-the-clock and operates as soon as disaster develops.
Unlike traditional SMS-based alert system, which requires broadcast messages to be delivered to every subscriber on a carrier’s network, ADRIS allows the aid agency through a location-based database to specify a particular region or a neighborhood to which messages will be sent.
Moreover, it manages outgoing and incoming SMS between the aid agency and disaster affected people. The sets of information it delivers elicit exceptional response rates from mobile phone users in need of help, giving them an effective voice on how assistance should be distributed.
The sending speed of a 160-character SMS ranges from 3-5 seconds. ADRIS also implements a long SMS splitting algorithm, which allows sending of thousands of characters without system lag experiences.
Designed with a number of key features such as an emergency hotline database, and water level monitoring and alerting system, it is also tailored to the integral needs of the aid agency in terms of data security, protection and control, and technical support that includes maintenance and data management and recovery.
ADRIS has been well tried and tested in the provinces of Iloilo and Lanao del Norte – both vulnerable to occasional typhoons – where preparation and mitigation have been improved.
Comm Asia Group, Inc. is currently rolling out to install ADRIS into 40 provinces and municipalities in the Philippines by the end of the year.
For inquiries on ADRIS packages and pricing, contact Comm Asia Group, Inc. at 09461761000/09229122600 or via email at

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