Revisiting the Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands will always be one of my favorite destinations in Pangasinan. And I believe a lot of us have this same sentiment. Who won’t fall in love with this majestic gift of nature? With more than a hundred of islands with various shapes and sizes that offer different natural beauty, you'll definitely come back for sure.

It’s been a couple of years since I last visited Hundred Islands, and I was surprised with the improvement that was made. Lots of new activities and attractions were added to immerse the tourists to fun and thrilling adventures. Before, you can only go swimming and island hopping, but gone are those times. Hundred Islands is one place to come back to not only for relaxation but for recreational activities as well.

In Quezon Island, you can now enjoy island hopping using a kayak or Jet Ski which are available for rent. Of course, beach activities would not be completed without having a banana boat ride with the whole family and barkada (with limitation to age and health condition)! Yes! You heard it right! There is already a banana boat in Hundred Islands. Exciting! J But if you want to be more adventurous, you might want to try their zip line rides.

But if you are being extra adventurous, the longer zip line in Governor Island is the best option for you. From the highest point of the Governors Island, you will zip down to the next island – the Virgin Island which according to locals is the island where they bring virgins as sacrifice during the Hispanic period. No worries as it is not considered a haunted island; actually it is one of the best islands in HI.

 Going back to Governors Island, it houses the Big Brother lodge and the view deck which gives you the bird’s eye view of the 123 islands. You can also try cliff diving or helmet diving here.

But my favorite island of all is the Mayor’s Island. It was actually my first time to visit it and was really astonished by its beauty. The fine white sand, the crystal clear water, and the greenish view of the other islands. Perfect panoramic view! But what I loved the most on this island is the cold water. Also, there were only few people that time so it was serene and peaceful. There's this part, too, where you can rest at the rock formations.

 Before we went home, we get to try bat hunting on the islands, and yay, we found a colony of bats on one of the islands. The experience was spine tingling.

After that we went back to my workmate’s house and enjoy a sumptuous lunch

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