Blogapalooza LVL 2.0: The domination begins

It was a fun- and excitement-filled Blogapalooza, as famous brands were present to connect with bloggers—the primary goal of the yearly event. This year’s Blogapalooza, though, is different from the previous ones, as it made history in the Philippine blogosphere.

Photo Courtesy of Blogapalooza
Ace Gapuz, Blopalooza’s CEO, shares on her welcome message how Blogapalooza has evolved from a simple blogging event at Fully Booked back in 2011 to what it is now, the biggest bloggers and influencers’ marketing event in the country. The “Blogamomma,” as she is called by her colleagues, also said that the exploration, possibilities and opportunities stages of Blogapalooza was over. Now, a new chapter unfolds—the Domination.


Blogapalooza, titled this year as Horizons 2.0, united all blogging communities all over the country for the first time. Communities from Northern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao joined the event, making it the biggest yet.


To give Manila bloggers an idea on how blogging on the country side looks like, representatives of the communities shared their stories and insights during the panel discussion moderated by Gapuz.
Outside the plenary hall stood an exhibit of products showcased by various companies. They offered samples to bloggers, treated them with refreshments, and prepared exciting games.

I liked how ATC engaged bloggers in their booth by letting them play games. I also got the chance to design my own doughnut at the Krispy Kreme booth and had an overview of what my own office would look like with MyOffice.

The integration of the latest technology in products and services didn’t fail to amaze bloggers at the event. Reality let them get a glimpse of their dream home through a VR gear. TAG engaged the bloggers by letting them scan the QR code of each brand in exchange of cool prizes to be claimed at their booth. 


Of course, raffle will always be part of Blogapalooza. Novotel raffled off gift certificates for a one-hour body massage at their in-house spa, In Balance. Six bloggers won the lot by answering correctly the questions of Novotel’s marketing manager. Victoria Court, on the other hand, gave away two gift certificates for an overnight stay.

At the plenary session, influencers and other successful personalities provided bloggers with their insights and tips on how to further improve their skills.


Bloggers was also entertained by an acoustic duo and a funny performance of The 4th Players Improv.

But the highlight of this year’s blogaplooza was the uncharting of the uncharted, the biggest revelation of the day. Gapuz happily unveiled Blogapalooza’s newest product that will solidify the connection between businesses and bloggers—The Buzzin! The “Digital Blogapalooza.”

“Blogapalooza is no longer just an annual event; it is now an everyday event,” Gapuz cheerfully proclaimed.

Buzzin ( is a website that will connect brands and bloggers to work together for future marketing and advertising campaigns. Brands will post their campaigns on the website for the bloggers to join in (more details on my next blog post). This will reduce the time spent by bloggers on searching for an interesting campaign to join in, and by brands on searching for bloggers to execute their campaigns.

Indeed, this year’s Blogapalooza was a huge success! Congratulations to the Blogapalooza team and thank you for being the instrument for us bloggers to unite. Looking forward to Blogapalooza 2017.

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