Why use social media in promoting your business???

Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, these are the most used social networking sites today with billions of users and subscribers worldwide, this sites created a global market that gives a limitless reach in cyber world.

Creating pages and accounts on this social networking sites will be helpful in promoting  a business because updates on latest products, services and promos can be posted on this sites reaching more customers worldwide.850 million users in Facebook alone, surely more exposure for the business is guaranteed.

Costless!! Promoting online is cheaper than any other media out there because you don’t need to pay thousands in placing advertisement on radio, Tv and newspapers as most social networking sites are free. The only thing to pay is the social media manager who will update and maintain your social media accounts.

Permanence is another great thing in social media. If promoting a business in traditional way like TV, radio and newspaper only has to run on a period of time, in social media it’s the other way around. Once Promotional materials such posters, photos, and videos are uploaded to the internet this will be forever be available for viewers unless it you decided to  permanently removed them.

Social Media is a big help in businesses today as it reached more customers in a inexpensive way and longer period of time. So what are you waiting for?? Create your own social media accounts now before you rivals gets into it!!

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