Create your own Online Newspaper for Free!!

Want to publish your own Digital Newspaper for free??Yes it is possible! Want to know how??Join Paper .li!! is a free online service that links to different websites where you can choose contents to publish on your digital newspaper.

Paper .li describes itself as “Content Curation Service”. This means that the publisher has the freedom to choose contents to be published and what are sources to be used, based on its target audience or readers.

How to Join Paper .li?

There are two ways two ways to join, logging in using twitter or Facebook account.

First thing to do is go to then click Start your paper and sign in using twitter or facebook.

Creating your Newspaper

1.Choose your paper title, add description and modify the frequency. Click Next
2.Add your Sources.You Can Add by using featured sites or search to search box.

3.Click Done.

You Can also add contents using Paper .li Button. Go to Paper Settings > Content. Drag Paper .li button to your browser’s Bookmark Toolbar.

How does the button work?

If you found a site content that you want to add on your newspaper, click Paper .li button and a pop up box will appear. There are options that will be provided on the box depending on what paper .li found on the page  
1. Add single content: If an article is detected click the check box then add to paper

2. Add a source: If RSS Feed is detected; select it and Paper .li will monitor and automatically add contents.
3. Add an image: Click Pick image and then select desired image.


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