Creating a Pop up Facebook like box in Wordpress

Sharing your Blogpost in different social media sites will help your blog to gain more exposure.

Facebook is the top social media platform that everyone uses to promote their blogs through Facebook Pages.

FB Pages are embedded to blogs for readers to easily access and subscribe to your blog FB page.

There are different ways to embed your facebook page to your blog, you can place a like box, embed like button, create links that redirect to your page and a lot more. Using Pop up like box is not a new thing but a lot of us isn’t aware of this kind. Using pop up like box is more noticeable than others because it will appear upon loading your page.

How to install?
  2. Go to Plugins >  Add new
  3. Upload > Choose file > Install now
  4. Activate Plugin
 5. Go to FB Like Box for modification

 6. Save
 7. Go to Arevico settings

 8. Go to *.NOTE: change “pangasinantour” by your facebook page username.

 9. Copy the cover id and paste it to Facbook page numeric ID text field
10. Save and your done!

You can now check your page and enjoy using Lightbox.

Here's a sample of LightBox Pop Up Facebook Like Box


  1. Can thus be done for a Blogger website also? If yes, you can share how it can be done.

    1. Yes it is applicable on blogger..I'll post it this weekend..thanks

  2. This is a good way to promote a fb site since this would prompt every visitor in your site of your fb page.

  3. Hey, thanks for this! I guess I really need to create my FB page soon.

    Ako na lang ata wala. :D ♥

    1. You really need FB page for your blog..helpful yan sa pag promote ng blog.

  4. doing this now :) I have been searching how to do this. Thank you!!!